Build virtouso Frontends
Terrific Composer


Terrific Composer is a Frontend Development Framework specifically designed for building deluxe frontends based on the Terrific concept
Toolbar Create


Add new Modules & Skins to your project. The Skeleton is generated for you so that you can start right away.

Toolbar Create


The Open dialog provides you fast access to all of your Modules and Pages.

Toolbar Create


Stay on top of things! The inspect mode shows you which modules are in use on the current page.

Getting Started

   -> Have a look at the

Download & Install

Download & extract the Composer archive, put it in your webroot and open /terrific-composer/web/app_dev.php in your browser. To get up and running will take you less than 3 minutes.

<!-- Composer Structure -->
  src/ <- Your code goes here
      Composition/ <- Your project
        Teaser/ <- Teaser module
        Logo/ <- Logo module
  web/ <- Open this in your browser


All of your code find its place in the /src folder. For the moment you can ignore the rest and start playing around with the sample code.

<!-- Put your Legos in place -->

<div class="line">
  <div class="unit size1of2">
  {{tc.module('Teaser', 'teaser')}}
  <div class="unit size1of2">
  {{tc.module('Teaser', 'another')}}
  <div class="unit last-unit">
  {{tc.module('Teaser', 'more')}}

Reuse of Modules

Once your Modules are prepared, arrange them in your grid in every combination you can think of by using the Twig Module Macro… It's like playing Lego.


Twitter Bootstrap,, backbone.js


There are lots of other cool frameworks out there! Don't miss Your favorites… Simply include and use them inside the Composer and enjoy the best of all worlds.

Integration in your CMS or Framework of choice


At the end of the day, Terrific Composer delivers you highly modularized and standardized HTML, JS and CSS. So the built frontend can be integrated easily in your CMS or Framework of choice.

Less Support built in

LESS Support

For those who love LESS… Terrific Composer comes with LESS support built in! It's as simple as give your Stylesheets a .less suffix.