Hi, I'm Remo Brunschwiler
Inventor and lead
developer of Terrific


I always have terrific things in my mind. Sometimes about frontend, sometimes about music – especially that one with guitars – and sometimes about other lovely, interesting, nice or strange things.

Ah… and by the way… I'm a Senior Software Engineer at Namics where I am responsible for developing large websites and applications based on Terrific.

If you need any help or support, feel free to contact me. And of course… please give me feedback about your experience with Terrific. I'm very curious!

Terrific is a private project that I'm working on solely in my freetime… So I would greatly appreciate your donation to keep the things running and for all the coffee I need to stay awake in the night…

Help me to keep the development running and to make Terrific even better.
a big «thank you» to the terrific sponsor
Namics AG

Namics is a leading IT and Web service provider based in Switzerland and Germany. We have created successfully numerous projects using Terrific and are proud to be sponsor of this open source project.